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Just got the AWS Uploader Plugin, and I got it to upload images into my bucket, but it’s not quite perfect yet.

First off, sometimes, when I upload an image, it will rotate it for some reason, even when the image is portrait. This doesn’t happen with every image; however, with the images it does happen on, it will consistently rotate it.

Here is a screen recording that shows my Plugin settings and an example of it happening: Zeroqode AWS Uploader Plugin Rotation bug - YouTube

Secondly, I’m trying to figure out how to make the resizing/compression feature to my liking: I’d like it to compress the uploaded images (x0.8) without needing to change its aspect ratio. No cropping is needed, just compression.

Lastly, I’m not sure whether this is an issue with the plugin or with my s3 bucket, but for some reason, whenever I upload images to S3 and attach them to the listing on my site, it works initially (images load fine), but then after 2-5 minutes the images would no longer appear. When I looked at the S3, I noticed that delete markers would be placed on ~90% of images. I have no idea why these delete markers on being placed and have not figured out how to stop it. I was thinking maybe disabling versioning would prevent this from happening, but I’m also scared that if I remove versioning and it doesn’t work, it will simply delete my files instead of placing a delete marker. Any insight on this is appreciated.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but if these issues have solutions, then I’d love to keep using this plugin.

Thanks in advance,

[Edit: I also wanted to know how to reset the GUI image uploading field. For example, when someone hits upload and all the fields reset, the AWS image uploader field doesn’t reset, the images are still there and if I hit “remove” it would just delete the objects from my S3]

Hey! I really appreciate the reply, however I still need some help.

  1. Removing the EXIF data didn’t fix this issue; unfortunately, I tried with multiple sites. This issue isn’t too important compared to the other two. After looking into it, I do think that it has something to do with the EXIF data so I’ll leave it at that for now.

  2. So I think I did what you said: I set height to 1200px because I don’t want images to be more than 1200px tall, and width to 800px, same reason.
    When I uploaded an image that was square, it resized it to 1200x800. I want it to return an image that remains square. Like if I upload an image that’s 5000x3000, I want it to come back as 1200x720, keeping the aspect ratio 5:3 while shrinking the resolution of the largest dimension to the size I set for it.

  3. Removing versioning did exactly what I was afraid of. It simply deletes the objects permanently instead of creating a delete marker version.

  4. I also wanted to know how to reset the GUI image uploading field. For example, when someone hits upload and all the fields reset, the AWS image uploader field doesn’t reset, the images are still there and if I hit “remove” it would just delete the objects from my S3.

Once again, I really appreciate the help!

Hello, @kalvinkaz
Thanks for reaching out.

Here is Ecaterina from Zeroqode.
Since another user is not a part of Zeroqode Team, I would like to provide you replies on each of the questions for better understanding of the problem.

Please allow us to mention that we have tested the rotation of images from the different devices with iOS OS and Android OS and all images are uploaded in the correct position. Sometimes, users can face this issue, however, it is related only o their devices and files, which were taken from these devices.

We need to mention that it depends on the iPhone or another device’s default configurations.
Every image file has metadata property. If the metadata specifies the orientation of the image which is generally ignored by other OS, except for iOS and macOS, and in some cases with Android OS. Most of the images taken are having their metadata property set to the right angle. So they shows it in 90 degrees rotated manner.

Additionally to all mentioned above, please allow us to provide you with this tutorial, which can be useful for your case:


How to solve incorrect photo rotation after sync or upload

Surprisingly, photo rotation is a complicated issue for software to handle.

Can you please elaborate more on that? Do you need just to compress the size of the image?

I need to note that this is not something related to the plugin functionality, but your custom settings. Our plugin just deletes files, and all your settings with delete markers are related to the S3 bucket settings.
To prevent this issue, you can configure S3 to automatically delete the delete markers after a certain period of time. You can also disable versioning altogether if you don’t need it.

In order to reset the File Uploader element, you should add an event ( for example a button), after toggling which you will set the next action:

In case you still have any questions, please let me know.
Best regards,

Hey, thanks for the reply! Tons of help. It’s still me I’m just on a different profile. The site isn’t allowing me to log into my other account anymore.

I fixed all of the issues except for the one where delete markers are being created randomly. I understand that this is not an issue with the plugin, however, it is a huge burden for our site currently and after 4 days of troubleshooting we are stumped.

Would someone on your team who is well-versed in AWS be able to help us find out the problem? It would be soooooo much help. We could also pay.

Hello, @tradeup
Happy that your other issues are fixed for now.

Our team doesn’t provide any paid consultation services and we can’t bring to the case our developers, since they can check the issue only if it is related to the plugin functionality.

In order to understand how we can help you, please describe why you are using delete markers and how exactly they appear on your side.

Best regards,