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AWS Uploader Request


I’ve just bought the AWS uploader plugin, which is working great within my app, so thanks for making a great plugin.

As I’ve been implementing it in my app I just thought of a couple of feature requests that would make it even better for future updates:

  1. Having an ‘Action’ to cancel current uploads (so I could use my own styled buttons or other elements to cancel uploads).

  2. The option to select, or create, subfolders within my bucket in the file uploader element, so I could upload different types of files etc. to different folders for better organisation.

Once again, thanks for a great plugin, it’s working great in my app. If you ever get the chance to add the above features that would be great.


Hello @adam1

Thanks for your support and feedback!

We’ll check the requests , to see how feasible it’s be to add them in future updates.

Thanks for understanding.