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AWS Uploader — underwhelming setup documentation

Very excited about the prospect of using AWS in my projects. I was, however, surprised at the setup documentation. Zeroqode being be beacon of all things no-code seems to assume that we’re code-proficient. Very out of character my Zeroqode amigos!

I’ve followed instructions as best I could, but now I’d love some help with the following:

  • first setup: what do I need to test the plugin to know if it was well installed
  • how to view the uploaded file (image, video)
  • how to pull all files


(I would also encourage you to make the documentation more code-virgins friendly :joy:

After reading everyone else’s posts on the AWS plugin, I’ve managed to get it working. I’d certainly advise that you guys add a bit more detail and troubleshooting tips to the docs for us no-code beginners.

Thanks for the great work!

Hello @alejandrowunderlich

Thanks for the feedback and glad that you’ve managed to get it working. :pray:

We’ll definitely try always to improve the products across the board and the feedback provided by customers is noted! :slight_smile: However it takes time carefully make the changes and plan accordingly.


@alejandrowunderlich Hey, happy to see that you got your process going. How were you able to view the uploaded files? I am currently building a video web application and I want my users to upload video and have the web traffic watch the videos (EX:YouTube)