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Background Video plugin doesn't work on mobile

The Background Video plugin doesn’t work on mobile for me. It works for my friend but not me on either safari or chrome.

Link: https://vitalized.health/

Hi @jason.cornell925, thanks for reaching out.

Regretfully, the Autoplay feature does not work in the Safari browser. Also, when the Mute feature is not enabled - Autoplay does not work.
These restrictions are related to the browser’s policies, so, unfortunately, we can’t do much in this regard: (Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome Developers)

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.


Hi, thanks for the response. That’s weird because it was working well just a few weeks ago across all browsers on mobile and it also works for my friend… has something changed recently?

Hi @jason.cornell925, thanks for your reply.

There were no plugin updates made recently. For additional investigation, please share (here or in DM) more details about the used device and used browser version (or any other details that you consider to be useful in this case).

Looking forward to your reply.