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Bar code reader bug report

I just bought the barcode reader plugin. I have the following error message coming up [1] on my iPhone (Safari) and [2] on my desktop (Chrome).
What should I do?

[1]: The plugin QR & Bar Code Reader / action Start live Decoder a QR & Barcode Reader threw the following error: anonymous
[email protected]https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/54ca9d33bad76a35afcb3fe76dfb857514ce7d5e55c662bcb1b971c6cdcf0a76/xfalse/x5:14:499962 (please report this to the plugin author)

[2] 36

I actually had the button starting the decoder camera in a different group than the decoder itself. When I put them in the same group the issue disappeared.

I now have a new challenge… I am scanning the same bar code with the a specific barcode type set on the decoder (i2of5_reader), and I get a different result code each time I scan it… do you have any idea how this can be?

Original bar code: 5054781242093
1st scan result: 4169178351 (i2of5)
2nd scan result: 108651 (i2of5)
3rd scan result: 9185112151 (i2of5)
4th scan result: 7385112397 (i2of5)
… that is on my desktop (Chrome), but the same happens on my iphone (Safari).

Thanks for your support

Actually I tried a few types and it turns our that it works fine with type “ean_reader”.

I hope this solo discussion will be a gain of time for some :slight_smile:

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Hello @jequierjs

Thank you for figuring out and getting the result! :pray:
Sorry for the trouble.