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Barcode scan plugin

I purchased the barcode scan plugin, but it doesn’t seem to read the barcodes well or miss read the format and barcodes?
For example, it wouldn’t detect anything while showing full barcode in live camera, or when it does it picks up random numbers and incorrect code format.
Barcode below is code128 format…

Please help! I want this to work so bad…

Hello, but when you try our demo page, does it work?

All your sample images work, but no, the live scan didn’t work on neither test version or full licence… I also tried bunch of other GS1 standard code 128 format barcodes in our warehouse, none of them worked except for few where it scanned with a beep but it scanned random numbers which didn’t form any part of the actual barcode…

i mean did you try all those bar codes using our demo page (not the page that you have created with the plugin)

Yes I have.
Then I saw the errors in the demo editor so I thought I’ll buy the full licence and try to run it error free, which didn’t work out…

Hello. If it helps: I used the demo plugin through my iOS device and it worked like a charm on the QR code. Unfortunately, I was not able to scan any of the other barcode formats using the demo. Regardless, that is a little wrinkle I am sure will be soon ironed out. The fact that you are able to access the camera and read something is VERY impressive. I’ll have my eyes on this gem as it grows into the future.

these errors were unrelated to the qr plugin, i have fixed those.

great to hear that

which ones you couldn’t scan?

What I did: Visited the page for the demo on my ios device and used the live camera. The experience was very acceptable, although it did have a lingering feeling of lag, if I may. So the images were rotating quite rapidly and I thought maybe it was a matter of the lens speed, so I tried to isolate the images and scan them individually… none of them worked for me except for the QRcode. I must admit that the images are not of the best resolution, and that there are sooo many variables that have to be addressed. Regardless and with brutal honesty, it is probably something I am doing wrong or misinterpreting, however. I am amazed with the product as it stands right now. Super cool. I’m sure it can be made to read anything eventually.

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Understand that the errors were unrelated to the scanning problem.
Is still doesn’t scan the live barcodes though…?
Unless this issue has been addressed with a view to rectify it, can I get a refund?
I really want the plugin to work, however, if it’s not scanning the live barcodes this has no use for me.

Hi all,
we did some tests and it worked fine with us, please check this post with a comment from another user:

with sufficient light the scanning works great, so make sure the room is not dark

what did you test with?
QR code? or barcode?
As discussed earlier by many others, yes is struggles but at least works for qr code, but I have no success with code 128 barcode at all.

we tested with both, what phone are you using? Did you try a different model?

Hello @levon, after I stop reader, the reader view only hide but doesn’t stop.

Hello @ben!
I asked you in the other thread and will write here just in case. Could you explain how do you know that the reader doesn’t stop? May be you could attach a screen shot to illustrate your point?
Kind regards,

Hi anyone facing this error on Iphone?