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Base64 encoder and Hash & HMAC Encryptor Plugin - New Plugin from Zeroqode


This plugin encrypts text string using different encryption methods and also, you can encoder or decoder in Base64 this text string.

This is the plugin page:

in case you want to test how plugin works, welcome to the demo page:


Tatiana Lazareva
Business Development Manager @ Zeroqode


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I’m using a PDF generator API which returns a Base64 string for the PDF. How do I use this plugin to either create a PDF file and send to my user for download or save it to my Bubble storage? The Workflow won’t work without filling in Binary data. What should go here?



We have applied some changes to the plugin.

The action “convert file” is now available in section “elements action”. To allow this action you need to place element “converter[from plugin]” on the page. This element can be hidden.

  • Please update the plugin to it’s latest version.

Than you can find the link for your converted file as “Output Decoded File”


Hi - how is this plugin different from your “Encode/Decode A” plugin? Is this plugin a replacement for the encoder / decode plugin?



Hello, the list of encryption methods used in 2 plugins are slightly different


Thanks Levon - do you have a demo setup for the encoder/decoder? I’m able to output Base64, but can’t see the AES ciphertext with the same workflow. My ciphertext output is coming up blank


Here’s the workflow:


Why not combine to two plugins into one?


they are built by 2 different developers. One is built by Jarrad before we took over of all his plugins. So the code inside them is different and it’s not that easy to combine. We decided to keep them separate for the time being.


Thank you for your comments. In fact both plugins are quiet similar, and the reason we have now two of them is because one was made by us while the second by @jarrad , before our partnership. We will definitively support both plugins separately, as combining them into one may affect already paying clients, that will need to re-make existing applications to fit new “combined” plugin.

We will prepare the demo page on top priority, so you can see how it’s done,



First of all, thanks for the great work on these plugins. They work really well when used on a page to decode/encode files. I use them to decode attachment files coming from Postmark app as an email parser.
However, I don’t find a way to use your plugins in an API workflow. I need them there, to decode base64 files coming directly in an API endpoint I created.
Do you have any clue on how I can achieve it? (is it even possible with your plugins?)

Thanks already for your answers!


thanks for your message
unfortunately plugin actions are not available in the API workflows
they might become available with the server side code recently opened by Bubble and we’ll try to experiment there but cannot commit on ETA or result because it’s still in Beta and we haven’t played with it much