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"Base64 File Uploader" error only in live environment


When using “Base64 File Uploader”, I have an issue in live environment, which does not exists in version-test.

Here is the error message.

The service EZ Uploader - Upload Private File [Paid Plan app] just returned an error (HTTP 404). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

{“message”:“Not found: fileupload”}

The dev page is : app[dot]actiky[dot]com/version-test/_zeroqode_debug
The live page is : app[dot]actiky[dot]com/_zeroqode_debug

To test, you can click “Cliquez pour charger une photo” and then “enregistrer”.
In Chrome console, you’ll see the errror message in live but not in dev.

This is urgent as I’m close to a golive session.

Thanks a lot in advance for your prompt reply

Hello @johann1,

Thanks for reaching out to us. :pray:

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re facing with the Base64 File Uploader plugin. I’ve checked the link you provided and managed to see the error you mentioned.

After further testing we haven’t been able to replicate the problem on our end. To help us diagnose the issue better, would you be willing to share some additional details about your setup?

Specifically, screenshots or screencasts of your workflow and how you’ve set up the actions would be very helpful. Additionally, please let us know if there are any differences between your Main and Live versions, and if you’ve made any recent changes to them.

This information will allow us to recreate your setup and further investigate the cause of the problem.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Hi Stephan,
There is nothing specific between Main and Live version.
The page you have access is quite simple: a reusable element and some decoration (I can clean-up if you want) such as page title etc?
In the reusable, I use 3 components:

  • Bubble picture uploader
  • Avatar Cropper, from bubble[dot]io/plugin/avatar-cropper-%E2%9C%82%EF%B8%8F-1627895557586x408161817718161400
  • EZ Uploader

When the user uploads a picture, the picture uploader is hidden and the Avatar Cropper is displayed.
When the user clicks “save”, we use the Avatar Cropper’Crop action, which generates content in “Cropper Avatar’s cropped image”.
When “Cropper Avatar’s cropped image” is not empty, EZ Uploader saves the file.

The rest of the set-up is some clean-up, states etc.

You can find 2 screen recordings here :
Editor set-up: www[dot]dropbox[dot]com/s/v8rrqzy341cd5hw/zeroq_editor.mp4?dl=0
Step by step debugging: www[dot]dropbox[dot]com/s/16r4f7a362g4atl/zeroq_debug-steps.mp4?dl=0

The only difference I see between Main and Live is the “App host name”:
Main: app[dot]actiky[dot]com/version-test/
Live: app[dot]actiky[dot]com/

Thanks in avance for your help,

Hello @johann1,

Thank you for your message and for providing all the necessary details. :pray:

I have thoroughly reviewed the information and videos you shared. The error message is likely caused by the ‘/’ at the end of your host name in the live version of the app(image). The issue arises because if a URL includes // immediately after .com, it can change how the URL is parsed, leading to the error message 404 indicating that the URL is incorrect. In the main version, you are having // after the version-test// and the browser, when there are 2 slashes somewhere after .com it handles them by normalizing it to a single /, which is why the main version was working fine in your app.

Could you please adjust the action so that it ends with .com and let us know if everything works correctly afterward? If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you once again, and we look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan,

I tested without the “/” at the end of “(path) App host name”.
I can confirm that this was the issue and the plugin in now working fine.

However, the current approach is not ideal as I need to manage the app host name with more complexity.
It was so easy to use Bubble “Website home URL” variable and removing the “https://” using the “:find & replace”.

How would you recommend defining the app host name in the easiest way ?


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Hello @johann1,

Thank you for your message.

For your use case, you can directly enter the URL of the host app name with static text, such as “” directly in the action. Additionally, consider adding another “find & replace” operation to change the ending from “.com/” to “.com.”

Could you please try these approaches and let us know if they work well for you? If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you once again, and I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan,
Your proposal does not work for testing in version-test.
I think that I found an elegant solution using “Isn’t live version:formatted as text”

Thanks for your help

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Hello @johann1,

Thank you for your message and for keeping us in the loop.

I’m sorry to hear that the previous proposals didn’t work for you, but I’m delighted to learn that you’ve found a great solution using “Isn’t live version as text”.

If you have any other questions, inquiries, or ideas for improving our plugins, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you once again and I wish you a fantastic weekend ahead!

Best regards,