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Basic Questions about Marketplace Templates

I have few basic questions about the payment setup in the marketplace templates. We have to provide both test and live API keys from stripe. How does the template know which key to use when?

Is it based on your app status i.e if its in development mode it knows to use test key and when you go live it knows?

Also when a Seller sets up his/her stripe account? How does the template know which account live vs test send the money to?

Would appreciate if someone can help me understand this


Hello, @emoazzam. Thanks for reaching out.

When you’re indicating the test/live keys into the Stripe plugin settings, each key has the prefix “live” or “test”:

On the screenshot, you can see that both keys used are a test. Why - the Stripe account, used for the demonstration purposes on this screenshot, was not activated (when you activate your Stripe account, you’ll have live keys as well). That’s why it is possible to use it only in test mode.

How does the template know which key to use and when (?) - by the unique identification, stored in the key.

Even if you went live with your app and using the same test keys - the Stripe plugin will know it, because of the same unique identification, stored in the key.

Still, the same answer - the unique identification in keys is “informing” the plugin and application as well what data is used - test or live.

A bit more information about the Stripe plugin you can find here:

I hope this information will be useful for you :pray:
Regards, Kate