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Before purchase questions: Booky Template and Air Calendar plugin intergration

Hi, I wish to purchase the booky Template as I wish to make a booking website where yoga tutors could teach yoga courses to people.

However, currently, I have few questions before purchase as I wish to add some additional features by integrating with air calendar, I also have some questions about the template before purchase.

  1. Why Can’t I see the class on the right side of the google map? But when I click inside into the course i could see the location.

Also, does the location feature in the main page uses google javascript API which would cost the developer money when showing multiple locations on the first page?

2.I did some search in the forums and I believe the template doesn’t support recurring bookings and doesn’t have a scheduling system where the instructor could specify the time it wants to block or show the time that the course was booked by others.

So I was wondering would the air calendar plugin also by zeroqode could be used to integrate with the template as it have a UI system with block functions and I would use it to add additional calendar functions such as allow for weekly/recurring bookings and provide the tutor the ability to block dates that it doesn’t allow for bookings.

3.Also I notice to become an instructor the template requires it to have a stripe seller account, since I don’t think many yoga tutors have stripe seller accounts and I don’t know would it be hard for the instructors to have a seller account, would it be possible to remove the mandatory stripe account requirement and allow users to have payouts via stripe or other means like bank transfers but with the stripe account requirement?


Hello, @achose369.
Please accept my apologies for the late reply.

The map on the search page updates when you activate both the dropdown Subject and search field Location:

Any application that works with the location data has to configure the Google:

Correct, the Booky template does not support recurring bookings functionality

Each instructor’s listing has the calendar on the page, where other users can see “busy” hours/days of the instructor:
Busy hours are blocked from booking by other users. This is basic functionality, that might not include the rest of the features you have mentioned.

Yes, it is possible to integrate the Air Calendar plugin into the Booky template. :slightly_smiling_face:

Instructors may require to have a Stripe account. The platform will register them as sellers automatically via the built-it express form:

Still, in a case, if instructors do not have a Stripe account at all and using this payment system is not an option for you, you can modify it manually and remove the mandatory Stripe seller account creation.

Let me please add that all our templates are fully customizable after the purchase. You may add or change any functional/design part of the Booky template if you have a solid Bubble platform, skills.

Hope this information will be useful for you. :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to reach out when you have any questions.