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Before Purchasing Question: Biography Template

Good evening.
So, I’m looking for purchasing the Biography Template, however I do have some questions…

1st. Can I make the links “Draggable”, so it will be easier to re-order links?

2nd. I’ve noticed that “Spotify” and “YouTube” links are not working on demo versions. Meaning, If I select a YouTube type of link, and add a YouTube link: when I click the link on preview mode nothing happens. (same for spotify)

3rd. How hard would it be for me to create new type of “links”?
Example: I’d like users to be able to add texts in between links. With reasonable Bubble skills is it doable?

4th. Would it be possible for me to add selling cart type of links? Like, If an user would like to sell something straight from his bio, would that be possible?

5th. IMPORTANT: I’ve noticed that on demo, if I type in https://zerobio.bubbleapps.io/TEST link won’t work. Instead, I should type https://zerobio.bubbleapps.io/i/TEST. Would link work without the “i” in between domain and username?

6th. Is it possible to create one more subscription plan?

Appreciate the time to answer.

Hi @semorganti, thanks for reaching out.

Upon your inquiries, allow me to reply with one general answer.

Kindly note that the current template setup offer provides basic features for customers.
Due to the fact that all our templates are fully customizable, it is possible to change almost any design/functional part.
So, you can add any of the above-mentioned options by modifying the current content or adding more functionalities through available plugin features (for example, Dragable elements) and many others, available on https://zeroqode.com/plugins

To be able to make these adjustments, solid Bubble skills are required. For that, allow me to recommend our Zeroqode LAB website, there we have a lot of useful free and paid courses that should be helpful: https://lab.zeroqode.com/courses
Many of them, especially those that cover the no-code basic principles are free and will allow you to know more about Bubble platform functionality.

Also, useful information in this regard you may find here:

For the 5th inquiry, allow us to check and get back with a reply in the following days.

Hope it helps.


Thank you @serg.

Would you kindly check why links with icons are not working either?

BTW, just purchased the theme.

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Hi @semorganti, thanks for the reply and template purchase.
Point 2 and 5 are well noted, I’ve transmitted them to the developer team.
As soon as a solution will be ready, I will notify you.


Hi @serg would you happen to have an ETA?

Appreciate it, Sergio.

Hi @semorganti, I am afraid I can’t provide you any time estimation so far. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Once the mentioned issues will be fixed, I will let you know for sure.

Thank you for understanding.


I see. Well hope it doesnt take too long…

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I’ve been able to correct the point 2.
Here’s the solution

The condition set on “Link URL” element for the button kind = Special was forcing Link URL to be hidden.
We need to replace URL to Special as print screen below.

Please let me know how we are in term of the 5th thing there :slight_smile:

Hi @semorganti, thanks a lot for your patience and efforts.

We have pushed the latest template update.

The overall fixes are:

  • missing page issue, when entering the user’s dashboard;
  • issues with not logged in user (temporary);
  • buttons clickability (YouTube/Spotify);
  • dashboard URL issues.

Now you can create a new app and check the changes. Hope it helps!

Take care.

thanks @serg.
So, I’m kind of new to bubble. How can I update my current app with these new fixes?

  • missing page issue, when entering the user’s dashboard;
  • issues with not logged in user (temporary);
  • dashboard URL issues.

Thank you, Sergio

In addition, I’ve just checked the DEMO and the URL seems to not be working properly yet.

Hi @semorganti,
Unfortunately, the updates don’t apply to the apps which were built on the template prior to updates becoming available. Sorry for this inconvenience, this is Bubble logic.
The updates will be applicable only when a new app is created on the updated template.

As a suggestion, you can check and compare settings and workflows between your current app and updated template (or copy them).

Please check once again, the copied URL is now working properly. For example: https://zerobio.bubbleapps.io/i/zeroqode

Thank you and have a nice day!


Thanks @serg. Ideally we should be able to reach to zeroqode’s profile without typing the “I” in between domain and username, right?

Lets say for instance, I would like to find your profile, I would type domain.extension/serg instead of domain.extension/i/serg. Does that make sense? Is there a way to omit the “I”? Something similar as linktr.ee does.


I’ve noticed that there’s a redirect on page 404. Which concatenates page home url + i/ + path.
so that would do the trick.

It wasn’t working properly, so I changed the Path type to “Path segment as list” and worked fine.
I suggest updating the main template.

Hi @semorganti,

No, it is not right. The fix we made is leaving the page address ( \i ) in the URL and does not removing it from the page URL once you reach the user’s dashboard.
The point of this fix - to make the user’s dashboard reachable in new tabs, etc. When the \i part was removed from the URL, it was just for design purposes but was not functional in the cases you have mentioned.
It is physically not possible to open the user’s dashboard when in the URL the necessary address (page i) part is missing, in the new tab. That’s why we removed the “URL shortening” feature and the URL to user’s dashboard page looks like this now - https://zerobio.bubbleapps.io/i/zeroqode

You can try using some third-party plugins, if they will keep the correct address in the URL after changing it’s format (removing the \i part). But the current template functionality does not allow remove the \i part from the URL to reach the dashboard page.

Hope it helps.


Thanks @serg. I’ve been able to work around this.

One last thing before I’m able to go live. Seems like I’m getting an issue with Schedule API.
Is there something that needs to be done?

Since I’ve installed the template I’m getting this issue.


Dear @semorganti, apologies for the late reply.
Allow me to check internally and come back with a response asap.
Thank you for understanding.


Dear @semorganti, thanks for your patience.
We’ve checked this issue (Schedule API Workflow) on our side and found that it is related to the Bubble platform functionality itself.
Allow me to recommend you addressing this issue to the Bubble directly, by submitting a ticket to Bubble support service on https://bubble.io/bug_report

Also, please see the related forum topic here: https://forum.bubble.io/t/schedule-api-workflow-remember-to-fill-out-wf-param-null/137682/3

Hope it helps.