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Best Startup Idea Contest [Template Giveaway] 🏆

Hey Startupers!

I’m Levon, founder at Zeroqode, the #1 no-code product creator and developer.
Today we are announcing the Best Startup Idea Contest and are giving away our premium no-code templates to the winners.


  • The winner can choose any template from our collection (top templates sell at $377)
  • The 2nd runner up can choose any template up to $270
  • The 3rd runner up can choose any template up to $200



In order to enter our contest,
Step 1: Please upvote the announcement of the competition on reddit! We want to make sure we offer equal opportunities for everyone with a good startup idea to participate in the contest.
Step 2: Leave a comment saying “+1” in the comment area of the announcement on reddit. This is to make sure you are in the competition.
Step 3: Please share your startup idea replying to this post. Please use the “elevator pitch” method, mentioning the problem, solution, target market and business model.


Our no-code templates are not simply design mockups but rather finished, fully functional, responsive web applications, mostly mimicking the functionality of well-known websites or apps. These templates can be modified without code to launch any product faster and with less costs involved.

For example we launched our side project - Postman Collections in just under 2 weeks building it on our Product Hunt Clone Template


Anything about these templates can be changed and modified: design, functionality, database structure, etc.
Also, apps built on our templates can be converted into native iOS & Android apps using the Zeroqode Native Apps solution.


All our templates are built on Bubble — the most advanced no-code framework. When you build an app based on our template it will be hosted on Bubble servers. So you won’t have to worry about hosting, database backups, maintenance and all that boring stuff :slight_smile:

Udemy Clone Template - Class Description Page as seen in the Bubble editor


We didn’t want to decide the winners ourselves in order not to be deemed biased. Instead we asked Emmanuel Straschnov to be the jury and decide the winners. Emmanuel is the co-founder of Bubble, whom you might know from this interview with Indie Hackers.
Emmanuel will consider not only the number of upvotes that your idea receives from the community, but will also assess various aspects that define the potential of your idea.



The deadline to submit your idea is 15th of March, and the winners will be announced by the end of March (in the comments to this thread and in our social media posts).

Best of luck :slight_smile:
Founder @ Zeroqode

Direct Outcomes Checklists by Create Crucial Insight

What does it take to get to where you want to go? Startups, entrepreneurs, and seasoned business people, all face the same problems. Business is about deciding where you want to go, mapping out a course to get there, and pushing the gas pedal to start the journey.

The Direct Outcomes Checklists (DO checklists) were developed by Thomas J. Buckholtz Ph.D. and published in his book Create Crucial Insight. There are 11 checklists that help people think through business problems, create insight, develop plans, and achieve success.

Maybe you’ve spent time listening to motivational Youtube videos that tell you to dream big and be positive. When it comes time for practical advice about what to do, motivational videos tell you to learn from the people that have already done what it is that you plan to do. But it’s not alway easy to find the perfect guide to success, especially when you’re creating something new.

DO checklists give you a step-by-step process to think through ideas such as how to:

  • motivate employees;
  • leverage skills inside and outside of your organization;
  • build strong alliances;
  • create and follow a roadmap;
  • do fact-checking;
  • deal with competition;
  • learn to catalyze innovation;
  • think through making choices about infrastructure and funds;
  • and much, much more!

Our business model follows a step-by-step process as well. We are now creating an application that allows teams to apply checklists to planning activities, follow the progress of projects, and communicate with each other. We plan to create a set of training videos to teach people how to use the app and the checklists. As people learn to use the checklists and the app, we will offer corporate training packages where DO certified consultants will help teams to hold more affective meetings and achieve better results.

Our motto is think well, do create!


Local Cake

This problem is every time there is an event be it a birthday, family reunion, or random holiday everyone has the same old generic cake with the same old greasy frosting. Usually from Costco or whatever grocery store bakery they happen to frequent. Grocery store bakeries have not changed much in the last 50 years.

It is about time for a better cake experience.

The solution is a market place for local niche cake services. In the last 50 years cake making/baking and frosting techniques have advanced significantly. Shows about people making fancy cakes have also been main stream for at least a few years such as Cake Boss and even more popular YouTube channels like Nerdy Nummies with Rosanna Pansino which has almost 10 million subscribers. This isn’t even counting the pixel perfect dessert images 1000s of people drool over on Pinterest every day. This is where you run into the disconnect. Consumers with pent up demand for fancy cakes cannot go to their grocery store bakery and pick up anything close to what they have seen online or on TV.

As with any market place this is a 2-sided problem. If big box grocery stores are not meeting this demand, then who will. The answer for this is home bakers. Facebook groups are crawling with people asking for recommendations for people or places they can order cakes from. This is a poor experience in that Facebook groups were not really designed for this. The person making the cakes might have a Facebook page for that but how do you compare multiple people who want to make your cake.

With LocalCake market place all these local bakers could have profile with a bio, gallery, and description of what cake jobs they are able to handle. Then people would easily be able to find a order their confectionery master piece off Pinterest from someone in their own town. They could order directly from the cake pro they want, or they could post an order and let the cake pros bid for it. This goes beyond fancy frosting. There is not normally a place where you can order cakes to meet specific diet requirements. With LocalCake you could order one with any number of requirements sugar free, gluten free, even raw vegan.

Target market is local cake pros and possibly small bakeries. Also, people who need a cake for an upcoming event. Seems like it is usually a mother or middle-aged lady who ends up in charge of getting cakes for events, but it doesn’t have to be. There are probably more people out there who would eat cake if they could order it for diet restrictions.

For the business model I believe there are numerous ways a niche market place like this could be monetized. I would hold off on trying to grab a percentage of the transaction in the beginning until the community was a significant size. I think it would be possible to get some affiliate revenue from offering 3rd party services that help the cake pros run their business better. The more successful the cake pros are the more successful the market place will be. There is also the potential for basic free profile and paid upgraded profile or promoted profile type of thing.

I believe a niche market place like this is different form something like thumbtack, fiverr, or amazon home services. If your market place is trying to be everything you lose out on understanding who your audience is and what their needs are.

Travel Glass- “Cliffs notes for countries”

I love traveling, and I get really excited about upcoming trips. I find the more I learn about a country before I visit the more immersive (and smoother) travel experience I have, but between languages, events, regions and culture there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. With Travel Glass enter your country and travel date to get bite sized chunks of curated information and inspiration via push notifications in a countdown format. By default you get a mix of media including weather, places to visit, food, current events and inspiring photos, but you can customize if, for example, you have a preference of mini language over mini history lessons. You can also set your preference for frequency. Opt for a daily push with count down ticker for your trip or get multiple pushes throughout the day.

Anyone who loves travel will enjoy this app. With customization options every type of traveler from the history buff to the partier to the family resort can get inspired, informed and stay excited for their trips. The “someday” option is perfect for dreamers who don’t have specific travel dates. Short term monetization options include free/paid versions and ad revenue. As partnerships get developed referral revenue (hotels, flights, language software, excursions) will become key revenue.

Hey All,
since we didn’t have enough submissions here, we wanted to extend the deadline for receiving ideas till 15-th of March and then deciding on the winner by the end of March. Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

In today’s society, every team is looking for a way to easily communicate with their team, without the drama. Current chat software is limited and hard to use. Users will struggle to use the software and will be demanding refunds left and right.

Introducing Hexa, the simplest way to stay in touch with your entire team. Hexa is different because it was built to be easy to use and simplistic. We took out all the nonsense in communication and made sure that we kept in all the good parts that help make communication your #1 priority.

You may be asking a ton of questions right now. “What about Slack, Stride, and Asana?”. These are all great platforms, but they are loaded with limits. Let’s take a look at Slack’s.

First off, we can say that Slack slacks in terms of their features. Let’s look at the searchable messages limit. When you first check your pricing, you may see their features as great, but it really isn’t. On their free plan, they limit searching and viewing messages for up to 10,000 messages. Sure, this may sound like a lot of messages, but it really isn’t. You’ll be surprised how many messages you send back and forth. That’s where the problem comes in.

Hexa is different. We’re sick of those limits ourselves, so we changed that. With Hexa, we have messages limits per month. This may sound worse than searching messages, but it’s the complete opposite.

Let’s say you’re a small team and you sign up for the free plan. On that plan, we’ll give you 500 messages per month and you can upgrade if needed. With Hexa, we’ll let you search through every single message. We don’t stop you! You’ll only need to stay within the limits and that’s all! If you think of the big picture, you’ll be able to send 6,000 messages per year on the free plan. That’s just a year and no limits. With Slack, you’ll have the 10K restriction forever, so Hexa is better in the long run.

We love every team! No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll welcome on Hexa!

Nomads Dream
Finding co-founders and collaborators is a risky and complicated process. If you don’t know anyone in your immediate circle that complements your abilities and is dependable, you’ll have to reach out to people you don’t know too well. It can be tiresome going to meetup after meetup only to find people that don’t match what you need.

With Nomads Dream, where ever you go you will be able to find the best people to collaborate with based on both of your values, experience, and expertise. With our special algorithm, we use math for you to see who is most likely to be compatible. Nomads Dream is dating for collaborators made effective with data.

Target Market:
Freelancers, bootstrappers, entrepreneurs, collaborators. Ages, 18+

The target market specifically is anyone who is looking for another person to work on something with. It could be a short-term or long-term project. This includes teams like music bands, video production teams, video game developers, etc.

Business model:
Freemium with Consulting Services.

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21 Day Mastery

I had never played a musical instrument and I learnt to play the piano in 21 days. I taught over 50 people how to meditate in 21 days. I taught a high school student to build a Prom Lottery app with Bubble. What skill would you like to master in 21 days?

With 21 day mastery, no skill is too hard to master. We will break down the skill into its key elements and help you master it. You will get a message and a bite sized chunk of learning every day for 21 days giving you a structured way to build a new skill. And supporting your learning will be an AI that you can talk to when you are stuck and mentors that you can work with to break through the common problems while acquiring a skill.

The target market is every learner everywhere. Be it a high schooler learning to code with Bubble or a 50 year old learning to play the piano both willing to practice an hour a day for 21 days. Some skills like swimming or skiing may be hard to pull off with this model with just the emails or AI, so a mentor/coach are there to support.

The business model I am thinking is the Pay for Premium Learning Experience. If you have a mentor that visits you during your 21 day learning challenge to hear your piano playing and provides subtle correction on your rhythm and you pay them for it through the 21-day mastery we get a small percentage. Other suggestions welcome.

I am looking forward to using the No Code Template to built the 21 day mastery and share my skills as well as create a marketplace for skills that everyone can share to build a more equitable and inclusive community.

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Is this contest still open for submission?

I’m afraid it’s closed already. We will be announcing the winners soon

Awesome! Can’t wait to hear who won! Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

we are really excited to finally announce the winners of “The Best Startup Competition”. Please don’t hesitate to congratulate:

:1st_place_medal: - @kelyjames with Local Cake
:2nd_place_medal: - @jared.d.waters with Travel Glass
:3rd_place_medal: - @ndajiya with Nomads Dream

We are reminding you that the prizes are:
The Winner can choose any template from our collection (top templates sell at $377)
The 2nd runner up can choose any template up to $270
The 3rd runner up can choose any template up to $200

Start choosing your templates, winners, while we get in touch with you to tell you how to redeem your prize.

Don’t miss our next competitions, always keep your eyes on the forum news!

Caterina Rutter
Community Manager @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Congratulations to all the winners. I guess I will have to start with the Free Template :wink:

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