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Best template for SaaS (annual payment stripe) + analytics dashboard APIs

Hi. I’m new to bubble and looking for a starter template to create a SaaS product that provides:

  1. sign-up and login with required annual stripe-payment by new users
  2. links to external APIs to collect data for charting
  3. charting
  4. admin /user management.

Best I’ve seen is mentionly and flixly (no charting , but I can build this in).

What else should i consider?


Hi @IamDave, thanks for reaching out.

Considering your request, allow me to recommend checking these templates (might be not a perfect match but have some features mentioned above, so it could be adjusted accordingly):

Before buying a template, I would recommend getting a full overview of its capacities (test the template functionality/design, make sure that you have checked the template documentation).

As for the links to external API and charting - these features can be added through the corresponding customization of the template, by adding API connections through Bubble API Connector.

If you would like to customize the template by yourself, that would require gaining some solid Bubble skills first.

Allow me to recommend our Zeroqode LAB website, there we have a lot of useful free and paid courses that should be helpful: https://lab.zeroqode.com/courses

Many of them, especially those that cover the no-code basic principles are free and will allow you to know more about Bubble platform functionality.

Also, useful information in this regard you may find here:

Hope it helps. In case any other template-related questions will appear - please let us know.


Thanks Serg. I’m now looking at purchasing Uplance. Could you please let me know if you have any scheduled updates to this template. Would be good to know before I kick off my project.


Hi @IamDave, thanks for your reply.

Recently, the Uplance template has passed through the bugfix/rework/redesign process, so it is up-to-date now (v.2.0).
The same has been done with the supporting documentation, which provide now much more information.

Considering that, I don’t think that we should expect any major update for this template in the nearest future.
Hope my answer helps.

Have a nice day!