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Bidster Template - Error "Should be a POST"

Dear Zeroqode community,
I´m using “Bidster- Auctions like Flippa” template and I´m having issues connecting the sellers to their Stripe Account. In the workflow of the button “Connect Stripe” I´ve put the link of stripe to connect Stripe express account but when I fill out the details to connect it then appears this error:
{“statusCode”:405,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Wrong method. Should be a POST. Method may change when attemping to use http. Please ensure URL starts with https:// instead.”}}
Anyone knows why is this happening? (I´m using the https:// in the mentioned link)
Thank you,

Hello, Raquel. Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, the issue you have reported is not reproducing on our side. Can you please provide more details on your issue?
Like, what exact actions you have made to get this error? Please make sure you have set up the Stripe plugin and Stripe API call correctly (Stripe API call you can find in the API connector plugin - https://prnt.sc/zv3sze).

Please make sure you have checked the Stripe documentation for the correct plugin setup:


You can also record a screen sharing video where you show us your Stripe setup and how you are reproducing your issue and share it via the private message if it will be more convenient for you.

Hope to hear from you soon.