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I’m trying to work out how to get Bing Image search to use an input to call back 10 images from Bing. There’s a plugin: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/bing-search-with-spellcheck-1533643955370x122626170968604670

But the ‘tutorials’ don’t go anywhere, so there’s no documentation and the parameters aren’t immediately obvious.

Is there a readme or something for this?


Hello @peter.sam.ramsey,

Unfortunately, we don’t have documentation for this plugin but we are working on that.
regarding your request, we will research how to do this in the best way and will inform you.



Update on your question.
To have a callback with 10 images try to set up the settings as presented in the screenshot.


Thanks, but that doesn’t work on it’s own. Do I need to initiate the call or will it do it on page load if the element is visible?


The call will be initiated on page load. If you want to set the parameters of the call you will need to use this window.

Also, to visualize the images is needed to add the image element to the repeating group and set Dynamic Image Value as shown in the screenshot.


yes please we need this documentation! thx in advance