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Bing Search with Spellcheck


I’ve built an app with an image search feature using the Bing Search with Spellcheck plugin.

It stopped working recently but I hadn’t changed anything. I’ve checked my account on azure and there is no record of my previous API and it looks like they now want to charge for this?

Does anyone know any more details about this? Is it still possible to do a bing search for free?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @gavacac,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, a subscription is required after your trial period expires. Bing Visual Search endpoint supports 1,000 transactions per month up to 1 per second, whereas all the other endpoints support 3,000 transactions per month, up to 3 per second. Trial keys expire after a 7 day period, after which a subscription may be purchased on the Azure portal.

You can find more information here and here.

If you want to use this API for free, it is only possible under a new account, but it will have the trial period as well, which is going to expire.

Hope it helps.