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Blob Download Bombing Out Android App


I’ve installed the Zerqode Android app builder and changed the target_url to: https://www.seravault.com

There’s functionality in Seravault to download files. The files are pre-processed as a blob for download. This keeps bombing out in the Android emulator.

For testing, please:

  1. go to https://www.seravault.com
  2. sign up for a free account
  3. Once logged in, click the big + button and add a “new file”
  4. create then upload a file
  5. save
  6. locate the newly created file and download.




Some emulators have problem with download files best way is test on real device.

On your project problem is your url for download.

Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URIs: blob:https://www.seravault.com/3b304e04-685f-4ca4-97d6-9040aef12497

blob:https://www.seravault.com/3b304e04-685f-4ca4-97d6-9040aef12497 - >this is not valid url

You have to remove “blob:”

Best regards


Thanks for looking into it. So, there’s no way to add “blob” to the access rules? (the blob is required because the file is decrypted on the local device). This works perfectly fine in every web browser. Is there a way to simply use the web browser engine instead of this WebView? Or is there a way to get WebView to behave like a standard browser? Thanks.


We currently have no idea what can be done about this, we will check and let you know.

Best regards