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Hi, guys I´m pretty new here, to be clear with one template like B&A, I could create an IOS/Andriod APP to publish in store/market? How many users can handle?

Welcome to our community.
You can definitively wrap it into our native solution available here and publish on the app/Play Store:

How many users it can handle depends on your bubble subscription.
Please check the details on the bubble pricing page https://bubble.is/pricing .

Thanks Karel, I need to buy a template like this, and I wonder if zeroqode or bubble have a way to modified the template according to my request in the meantime I learn more about this in order to modifiy it by myself in the future?

Bubble doesn’t provide customization services. We at Zeroqode can do that - but these are paid services and we’d need to discuss the scope of changes in order to give you time/cost estimate. You can also learn Bubble to be able to modify the template yourself or hire any Bubble developer to do the changes.

Thanks Levon, So what do you recommend first? like, buy the template check it and build a list of changes?

well you can check the template even before buying, simply be playing with the preview link and trying all its functionality. Then depending on your plan you can either buy it and try to learn Bubble in order to do the modifications yourself, or you can compose the list of changes and discuss the costs with us or any other Bubble developer. At which point to buy the template is totally up to you, but that should be done prior to making modifications of course.