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Bookly - Display unavailable dates on calendar

Hi !

I’m using bookly template to build a coaching session app. I’d like to allow coaches to restrict their availabilities and display visually on calendar the days when coaches aren’t available.

I saved the availabilities in DB but can’t find how to display it on calendar. I’d simply like to set up date background with a specific color when it’s not possible to book.

Thanks for your help !

Hello, @alexandre.boulme. Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, the feature you are mentioning is not designed in the current template version.

Storing the dates in the database is half of the work. You can set the date availability verification based on the dates in the database. Also, you can develop the Google Calendar Free/Busy feature, or use some other already made plugins.

Perhaps these links will be useful:

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face: