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Booky Template - Elements not Working in Mobile

I am using the booky template for my app but am finding that when I promote the app to live and check it on my mobile device most elements are not clickable or input fields are not able to be focused to be filled in. You can see the issue at www.lvluplessons.com on your mobile device.

Hi, @anthony.woodard91!

Thank you for reaching out!

We have tested your app on both our mobile and desktop devices, and it seems that not all of your groups were set up completely in the workflow.

On your signup page, for example, the first name/email input fields are not responsive for sign-in, and first name/last name for sign-up.

Please make sure all of your fields are set up in the workflows for them to work properly.

Hope this helps!


It’s odd that this is happening considering these fields were all part of the template that have not been changed. In addition, I have tested these fields successfully in the recent past so I don’t understand why they would suddenly not work.

I just double checked my workflows as you instructed and found all of them to be completely setup and not missing anything.

What has me more confused is that even if the workflows were not setup, shouldn’t a user still be able to type into the input elements? The workflow shouldn’t have anything to do with that.


I’ve added screenshots below of both the First Name Input and the Email input. As you can see, there is no difference between the two for their settings, yet the email input is working properly and the first name is acting as if it is disabled.


I’ve resolved my issue here. Because of another issue I’ve been having with group focus in the header, I thought I created a workaround by utilizing a floating group instead. However, what I didn’t realize is that it extended the transparent portion of my header which was blocking elements towards the top of my screen from being clicked/focused.

With that being said, this thread can be closed but can we please continue our conversation on my other issue highlighted above? Here is the link to that thread: Booky Template Header Mobile Group Focus Issue - #3 by diana.c

I’m glad you found the issue @anthony.woodard91. We will continue our discussion about the Header Mobile Group in that thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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