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Booky template loaded without the header?

I just purchased the Booky template in the Bubble Template marketplace. It has the header element, but it’s completely blank. How can I resolve this? I imagine there is non-trivial logic embedded in the login/account buttons that are supposed to be there, so I am not looking forward to building it from scratch.

Hi, @hi12!

Thanks for reaching out!

Let me give some hints that might help you. So to see the header, open the editor-> go to Search a page or reusable element and click on the header

Then, find the Element Tree and click on the eye icon near to Group Header LogOut to make it visible:

If after all actions you still won’t see the header, then provide please more details to figure out like, exact steps to reproduce your issue and screenshots/screencast, if it is possible, browser/OS.

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia!