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Bought Native App but can't make it work on studio



I just bought the native app but when I opened the android studio and click open project and go to the file zeroqode_Android and choose it nothing happens, I do it again then choose the file assets and nothing happens like in the instruction video.

can anyone assist


Alright so I kept trying to figure it out my self I found under a file a product file with a zip i unzipped and opened it with the studio

but there is alot of errors as below

Failed to resolve: firebase-iid-interop

Open File

Failed to resolve: play-services-basement
Open File

Failed to resolve: support-vector-drawable
Open File

Failed to resolve: livedata-core
Open File

Failed to resolve: viewmodel
Open File

Failed to resolve: common
Open File

Failed to resolve: runtime
Open File



I can’t reproduce this bug.

Can you contact me on private email [email protected].
I will help you to solve your problem.

Best regards



sent you an email but ur a user here thank you for helping

also looking support from zeroqode<3


An update I unstalled studio thinking it’s the issue and reinstalled it again and got this error when opening the project

but again i still have the same issue i complained off



Sorry to keep you waiting.

You have only to add new sdk in android studio.

That is not bug.

Best regards



Here is documentation and video how to add/update new SDK in Android Studio.

1.Google documentation:

  1. Youtube video:

Best regards



after I got a new app by email i downloaded it and I put the link in the config.xml and I open emulator I open other website on the emualtor to check internet is working and it’s working
but when I open the app it doesn’t open the website :slight_smile:



You have to check your website.
Everything is same on phone and on the web.

Best regards


you wrote the website wrong, the website is www.chipsstore.com

I tested my website on gonative and it’s working



I added your site URL in the config and run the app on the emulator.



Best regards


Thank you, I made it work! something wrong with the computer at work I guess, worked fine here at home.

I am now done with edditing the below

URL ( it now opens the website )
icon image
splash image
app name

do I have to do anything else? if yes pleae do tell :slight_smile:

I clicked on build > build bundle apk > build apks ( to make it as an app to test it on my phone ) is this step correct ?



You have one more step :slight_smile:
You have to change package name. That is mandatory if you want to publish app to play store.

How to change package name you have in documentation and after that you can build APK.

Best regards


Great Thank you and after I change the package name I just build it as a apk (n build > build bundle apk > build apks)?



I am done with package name…etc what is the last step to do for me to upload the project to the play store?


Hello @chipsstore

So I see you managed to get package ready as an .apk file for you to upload the project to play store?
If so, before uploading it to Play Store it needs to be digitally signed.
Here is the (Google How to) you can follow: https://developer.android.com/studio/publish/app-signing
After you’ve made it past this point your App should be ready for uploading to Store. Don’t forget you’ll need a Google Developer Account for being able to upload it.

Best regards and sorry for the trouble.


Thank you Dumitru

the link seems complicated, is this video good to follow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH5Pawyw1n4 ?


Usually it is recommended to use official documentation/video guide. However if for you it looks complicated, you could use community created guides that look more easy to digest and make it work for you.
As for this particular video seems kinda good, some comments say is ok others not so. So it’s up to you and see if it suits you.



Hello, when I am uploading the app it says ( You need to use a different package name because “com.brommko.android.zeroqode” already exists in Google Play. )

in build.gradle I am changing ( applicationId “com.brommko.android.zeroqode” ) to ( applicationId “com.brommko.android.chipsstore” ) and I sync it, it’s giving me the error No matching client found for package name ‘com.brommko.android.chipsstore’

but when I return it to zeroqode, everything works fine


I kept trying to edit , per the documentaion video but it’s not working.