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[Box.com] Folder's shared link


I’m trying to get a folder’s shared link which should look like that : https://app.box.com/s/[randomcode].
But when I try to display think link from “Box - Get Folder’s shared_link”
It displays Screenshot_4 instead of the actual url.

What I actually want to do is to extract the [randomcode] part from the url, so I figure out I should try getting it from shared_link with some regex.

Does anyone know how to get the shared_link as a text format ? If not, how to get the [randomcode] part which can be found in the folder url (https://app.box.com/folder/136487821018?s=[randomcode])

Also, is it possible to remotely add a shared link to an unshared folder ?

Thanks for your time.

Hello, @nathan.raklure
Thanks for using our plugin.

If I understand you correctly, you are interested in how to get the Folder ID or File ID? If yes, please check our Demo Page function to implement this feature: https://bubble.io/page?name=box-user&id=zeroqode-demo-02&tab=tabs-1

But in case you are speaking about another feature, can you please share with us a bit more details regarding it?

Looking to hear you soon.

Hello @Ecaterina,

I read all Demo Page features but the one I’m interested in is not implemented in this page.
I noticed folders have a “shared_link” property which I want to get.

The thing is that this property is considered as an “Object” and I did not manage to get it as a text variable.

What I’d like to do is getting this shared_link as a text to extract the “s” parameter from it (ie. https://app.box.com/folder/136487821018?s=#########) to dinamically display the BoxEmbed element (if I put the “s” parameter in the BoxEmbed’s Link field I can make this element to display the right folder).

Thanks for your time.

Hello, @nathan.raklure
Thanks for provided details.

The thing is that this property is considered as an “Object” and I did not manage to get it as a text variable.

In this case, allow me to recommend you to create the next workflow in order to format this field as text:

Please use these screenshots as an example of how to change the value from Object ( as in your case) to Text.
After it, please try to use this text in mentioned way.

Hope it will help you.

Hello @Ecaterina,

Thanks for your answer, however this remains very unclear to me.

  • Why would you store the sha1 in a “test” state and never use it afterward ?
  • The “:format as text” never shows up, I only see “:formatted as” which offers nothing I want :


Thanks for your time.

Hello, @nathan.raklure
Sorry for my late reply.

In case if you don’t find the option “formatted as text” it means that your thing is already in the Text format, not the object, as was mentioned earlier.

Please allow me to mention repeatedly to analyze the Demo Page for this plugin because here is demonstrated how you can display in the BoxEmbedder all documents in the Box by clicking “Open” :

Unfortunately, there is no other way to open documents to folders in embed space.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
Best regards,

Hello @Ecaterina, thanks for your answer

The Thing may already be in Text format but when I try to display it in a text element it shows [Object object] instead of a real url.

I noticed that there was a “Link” field in the Box Embed element that corresponds to the shared id I was talking about. So if I manually share a Box folder and copy the id into the “Link” field :

it makes the BoxEmbed element to initialize in the correct folder.

This id is not the folder_id, it’s about the shared_url as I’ve explained.
In the Demo Page, the Open button only changes the folder_id the Repeating_Group should display and this is not what I’m looking for.
This is why I’m looking to display the folder’s shared_url, but if I don’t manage to with the Zeroqode’s plugin I may consider creating my own api call to get this url as this Box API doc shows : https://developer.box.com/reference/get-folders-id--get-shared-link/
Response Body :

Hello, @nathan.raklure

We reviewed your request with our team and found a solution for this case. Please analyze the screenshot below, where you can see how this plugin can work in the required mode:

  1. The first varial ( with mentioning the folder in settings);

  2. The second variant ( without mentioning the folder and its ID);

Please completely replicate these settings into your application and let me know if this will work for you.

Thanks for answering so quick @Ecaterina,

I see you have a variable named “shared_link url”, I only see “shared_link” in Get Folder Info.
And even if I apply your regex in :find&replace, it still shows “[object Object]”.