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Box plugin - download file action

Hi, I’m using the Box service plugin to upload and store files. :slight_smile:

Users can open files in preview mode in a Box url tab, but that doesn’t give them a downloadable doc or pdf.

I’d like to give users the ability to download files. What is the action or call to do this?



Hi @bruce.mcvicar, thanks for your question.

Kindly note that a download button feature is not related to the plugin functionality.
To be able to place a download button on your app, please follow the hack described here: https://bubble.io/blog/the-download-hack/

Hope it helps,



Hi, thanks for this, the css details are useful and I can now download instead of view in browser. The problem is, it’s downloading the Box preview page, not the file. I need the url for the file, not for the preview page.

I’ve used the call in the screenshot to get the url. Is there a different call/action I need to use?




Hi, just to add, this action ignores download, still shows html page in browser without ability to download file

Hi @bruce.mcvicar, thanks for clarification of your request.
To be able to get the URL of the downloaded file, you may use the example of workflow from the plugin Live Demo page, adjusting it to your requirements.

To do so, please do the following:

  1. Create a corresponding action https://prnt.sc/10z14bf
  2. Create a state that will contain data about the requested file (including URL) https://prnt.sc/10z15qs
  3. Use the obtained URL to download the file, manually (as you’ve made previously, through HTML element or use any plugin that uses URL as a source.

Also, you may use alike flow on our demo page - https://prnt.sc/10z1p16

Hope it helps.

Hi, I’ve set up this flow in my app, but it doesn’t produce a downloadable document.

I uploaded a pdf (attached for comparison)
I generate the link url using similar steps:

The link, which points to Box, looks like this:

It takes me to this Box page, which views the document. When I try to save the file, it only offers me an html format

What I need is to Save-As a downloadable pdf. This page is explicitly a preview page.

It must be possible to generate a link to extract a Box file in its original format, but it’s not clear whether I need to do something different when generating the link or trying to use it to download?

Any ideas?



Hi @bruce.mcvicar, thanks for providing details.

Currently, the Mapbox plugin is not able to provide a downloadable .pdf file. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested feature to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it.
The investigation might take some time so please be patient.

Thank you for understanding


Hi, thanks for confirming status, I appreciate these things take time.

Can you clarify whether your Gdrive plugin has the same limitation? If a Box upgrade is quick, I’ll wait, but if not, I could switch to Gdrive - but only if it has the feature already!



Hi @bruce.mcvicar, allow me to reply on your inquiry.

We have two Google Drive plugins:

And by available API calls, Complete Google Drive can help you with the file download.
Please see the available API calls here: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/complete-google-drive-service-acc-1528978032696x958624210411847700
Also, all available actions and data calls you can see available on supporting documentation and on the plugin description page (Editor>Plugins>Select a particular plugin to check)

I’m afraid we cannot provide time estimates on this matter because we need to see how feasible it is to implement.

Thanks for understanding!