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Box Plugin Shared Link

This isn’t the first time this has been raised - seems like there’s still no resolution?

After using the ‘upload file’ action the response should include a ‘shared_link URL’ (see below from Box API docs)

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 12.03.25 pm

However nothing is returned in the response from the Plugin and you only have ‘Shared_link’ (returns null value so not useful) and doesn’t have ‘url’ etc.

I’ve also tried the ‘get file information’ call within the plugin and again nothing returns and none of the information under the ‘Shared_link’ object is returned.

Could the plugin be updated to show all the values under ‘shared_link’ in the response? That should be a pretty easy update as Box sends this back already and it’s pretty vital information for just about every Box integration use case.

Hello, @equivation. Thanks for reaching out.
Sorry for the late reply.

We need some time to investigate your question. When there will be any useful info - I let you know. Thanks for understanding :pray:

Best regards,

Hello, @equivation.
Thank you for your patience. :pray:

We have updated both Box.com Storage User (Oauth) and Box.com App Storage (Service) Plugins with the new version (Version 1.8.0 and Version 1.5.0): Added a new option to add permission for a shared link

It should fix the issue you have reported.:slightly_smiling_face:
For more information regarding this feature please check the plugins demo page.
Please change the plugin version in your app to the latest one and let me know if it worked.

Best regards,

Thanks @Igor :slight_smile:

So just to be clear, after uploading file I need to add the action ‘add shared link permission’ and then get the shared link from the result of that?

I noticed it’s now available in the ‘get file info’ call as well but nothing returns. Was that because I didn’t add the shared link permission first?

Hi @equivation, thanks for your reply.

Yes, correct. First of all, you have to do this, you need to give permission through this call: Add Shared Link Permission. :slight_smile:

For more details regarding the action itself, please check our plugins demo page.
Have a great weekend ahead.