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Browser Push Notifications Data and usability


Hello, I have just purchased the push notification and it could not be easier to set up. At the first page load it did not work. But after trying again, Chrome did send me message asking for permission so it seems to work as intended.

Having said that, I need to understand how to measure how many people received and accepted/blocked the Chrome permission; how many are currently receiving push notifications; how many are clicking the notifications to come to my website; etc.
Where is all this information stored?

I would also like to offer an option fur users to “reconsider”. Say they block notifications on first visit (as I myself often do). Then they log in and decide that notifications are actually useful and want to switch them back on. Is there a way to build this into the bubble app? (I know you can change permissions in Chrome, but this is not something people do)


did you check the demo page for an example of how to setup the plugin? https://zeroqode-demo-09.bubbleapps.io/browser-notifications
editor mode https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=browser-notifications&id=zeroqode-demo-09&tab=tabs-1

the plugin can’t access these stats

this can be done only by user going to their browser settings and allowing the notifications


Hi Levon, thank you for your answer!

As to the stats: is this a shortcoming of the plugin, or generally something that could not be done with browser push notifications? Seems like quite an important set of numbers to track in my opinion.

As to the user changing the settings: I have seen websites where, upon the user pressing a button on a website, a certain browser function is called. For example with flash-based webgames. They will ask you to press a button on the website, then press “allow” when the browser pops up the question.
The reason this is done is quite clear to me: browser settings are complicated (ask any user to find the notifications settings in chrome and it will take them minutes). So users tend to simply not do the change. But a one-button click would change behavior much better.

Example for flash pop-up after clicking the blue “Enable/Install Flash” button:


not sure to be honest, need to research that.

unfortunately this is not yet supported


Hi Levon, one more question, bubble-specific (and I’m still quite the novice):
I want my notifications to be sent based on a date in my database. Basically, when a product will be made available, I want the notification to go out. How do I do that?


@levon do the notifications currently not work on android phones? So far I’m only able to make them work on my laptop (windows/chrome).


hi there,
it doesn’t work on apple devices but should work in android. Did you check our demo page if it works in your android phone? Also, did you try from different android phones or just one?


Good idea. I did try (on Nexus 5, Oneplus 6T) but on both I got this error message:


Hello @inthebubble.

Checked the demo and it works as expected on mobile.
Tested on Meizu M1 Android 5.1, Browser Firefox Mobile. Have you allowed for browser to receive notifications? Have you checked on different browsers?
Could you please provide more details, thanks.
Okay - tested on MiA2 and Chrome Mobile seems like a bug. Will check it, thanks.

ZQ Team.


Yes notifications were allowed for the site on both devices. I tried it on a Xiaomi Mi A2 as well, same error. Maybe we can get more people to test it?

I think it should definitely work properly on Chrome browsers though, it’s the most popular browser after all.


Hello. @inthebubble

We checked and pushed an update for the plugin. Please upgrade to the latest version.
However, we encountered limitation to send push notification for Mobile version of Chrome due to serviceWorkers registration requirement condition.
So until Bubble offers possibility to register serviceWorkers condition, this is how the plugin will work.
Thanks for understanding.

ZQ Team.