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Browser storage plugin expires: 1970

Hi @levon

There’s a little bug or can’t figure out when saving a unique_id, it gives me an expiration date from 1970… others are ok. The first one?


Hi @johnmark.

From our test demo with plugin: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=browser-storage&id=zeroqode-demo-10&tab=tabs-2
replicated your use scenario, and got a correct result.

I presume it is something wrong with system time and date setup at some level. Maybe check it.
Hope this helps.


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You’re right, it’s a bubble glitch. I just moved the action to another workflow, and it works. I don’t understand the behavior until now. Thanks.

ps: just received the one year anniversary honnor :slight_smile:
ps2: continue your good works guys


Thanks for being with John! :slight_smile:

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