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Browser Storage Plugin for Date and other Types

Hey there,
got your Plugin https://bubble.is/plugin/browser-session-or-local-storage-1514075906887x122169717659009020
and now I try to save a date and to load it back. Saving allows all types but get Data Output only gives back strings?

Cheers Roman

Hmm, even saving seems not to work. I get this error message:

when I run this action

Hello, @safreider

Thanks for reaching out. Let us check the issue in place and be back to you asap.

Hello, @safreider

We pushed an update to plugin for occurred errors, please upgrade and refresh the app to give it a try. Thanks.
As for question in place.
The plugin indeed returns data only as a string, but it can be used as a bubble date if you are sure that the stored data is a type of date. The data returned in a state as string can be used like in screenshot:


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It works! Thank you very much for the fast reply and fix!

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