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[Bubble] API response too large + muliple values to a single key

I’m trying to integrate with Sports Data Rest APIs for a week now [https://sportsdata.io/developers/api-documentation] and have run into few issues.

  1. List of All Players [https://api.sportsdata.io/v3/soccer/scores/json/Players]

Bubble aborts it with a “Response too large” error. I have tried adding a couple of search constraints around size_limit but to no avail. It never seems to return a valid response.

  1. List of Players by Team [https://api.sportsdata.io/v3/soccer/scores/json/PlayersByTeam/{teamid}]

The API seems to allow only one parameter value at a time. Is there a way to pass multiple at a time?
I have tried pulling one by one in different repeating groups but that does not solve my purpose as data manipulation (Search, sort, filter, etc) will be super difficult.

Hi, @snygar!

Thanks for reaching out!

Please take a look at bubble reference that might be helpful in your case: https://bubble.io/reference#API.get_api.search_call.search_constraints

Also, please have a look at this thread as well: https://forum.bubble.io/t/api-response-multi-dimensional-arrays/102228/3.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.