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πŸŽ“ Bubble Beginners Course - New Course at Zeroqode Lab


Hey Bubblers,
we have just added a new course which goes through Bubble Fundamentals - Bubble Beginners Course
please check it out here:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi All, just wanted to let you know that this course is now available under the free plan as well! :slight_smile:

Hello Zeroqoders!

Great News! Our top and the most watchable Bubble.io for Beginners Course has been REVAMPED!


How will it help for a Bubble-newbie? This step-by-step Beginner’s course will help you progress from basics to complex things.

Already a Bubble-pro? Watch it to get new insights for your current projects and inspire yourself for new features and possibilities :wink:

Best regards,

Veronica Kornilova
Marketing Manager @ Zeroqode
#1 Bubble Publisher and Developer


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