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Bubble - Error on google contacts plugin

Hi ,
I’m getting this error after i’m authirzing my app to google contacts :

Someone knows what is the problem ?

Hello @sivsiv

Please be sure to go to Google Developers Console and enable Contacts API and People API to manage the contacts.

Create your Client ID for your web application, get the Client Secret and Client ID to be used in Plugin Settings, and provide the authorized URIs in Google Console.


Thanks a lot for your reply! But I mad sure to do everything that you mentioned and it’s still presenting the same problem.

Any ideas ?

OK , Solved. it was a problem in the secret key. thanks…

Now the authorization is working well but the results are no populating. any idea why is that ?

Hello, @sivsiv.

Perhaps you have missed something when you were setting up the repeating group.
Would you kindly make sure you have the correct plugin/workflow settings and that you are referring to the correct list of connections?

I’m sure you can find very helpful our demo page - please visit its editor and check how the plugin is set there. As per the fact, it is a workable example:

I hope it helps :pray:

I will give it a try and i will let you know , thanks a lot!

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