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Bubble.io: signup and login functionality

Dear Sir,
I have tried the video posted in youtube,
but “The element is visible button” is not shown in conditionals in group signup and group login

Hi, @swethatsunil.mec
Thanks for reaching out and addressing your questions.

To pull out option - “Тhe element is visible” you should click on the selector below “Select a property to change when true” and in the drop down menu choose this option.

Please let me know if you have more questions or guidance


@olga.krivoshapco Dear Mam,
I cannot see the option “This element is visible” in the drop down menu.

Please help soon

Hi, @swethatsunil.mec
In your example, you are using a Pop-up element that has been renamed to “Group login” so you do not have this option in the drop down.

You need to choose the Group element and then it will have the option “This element is visible”

Hope it helps you.
Best wishes,

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@olga.krivoshapco Thank you so much, it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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