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Bubble Page to PDF Converter crashed

Hello everyone. I need help here…
I use the plugin to create a file that used to be like this:

I was working on my bubble app and suddenly the same file started to download like this:

I tried to restore the savepoint but it didn’t work… so i deleted the logo from the top of the document and the file looked like this:
Captura de tela 2022-08-09 180321

I tried everything and i think something happened to the plugin… can anyone give a little hand here please?


I’m having this issue as well. Everything was working fine last night and now it’s broken. My browser had an update and i will bet that its a plugin compatibility issue with chromium update. Sorry i don’t have a fix, but same issue here.

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We have the same issue. Pages rendered correctly until 12:30 PM Mountain Time (Edmonton). We have made zero changes to our live app today. I assume it has to do with whatever Bubble had to do in order to fix the Avast malware debacle.


+1 on this. Exact same issue, working fine until about 2:30 Pacific.

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Also facing the same issue in multiple apps using this plugin.

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Hello @augustofma, @jeff3, @rick1, @rachael, @mayfer

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this to us! We are currently aware of this issue, and doing everything possible to resolve it. I’ll get back to you once I have any news.

Hope for your understanding on this matter. :pray:t2:


Hi @gulce.besel , thanks for the reply.
Do you have any predictions for the repair of the plugin?

We have customers using it and we need to give them a feedback

@augustofma, I totally understand the inconvenience, we’re really sorry about that. :pray:t2:

In order not to mislead you, we cannot set a time frame, unfortunately. However, you can be sure that I will notify you straight away when this issue will be fixed.

Thank you so much for your patience.

+1 since yesterday, PDF generation isn’t working.

Hello, I’m with the same problem. Did someone find some solution?
I need help, my customers are not happy :frowning:

Hi, same issue here. Can anyone give any sollution on this please? My company uses this plugin to print very important contracts… Please, I really need help…

Hi, I’m having the same issue. We need help on this. Can anyone give a prediction for the fix?

Hey all!

Thank you so much for your patience. :pray:t2:

We’ve updated the plugin and adapted it to the recent Bubble changes. Kindly ask you to upgrade your plugin to the latest version (1.64.0.) and give it a try.

Have a great day!


Everything is perfect now!
Thanks for the support @gulce.besel


Always welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: @augustofma

Everything is ok.
Thank YOUUU :smiley: