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Bubble page to PDF converter: how to save PDF file in bubble database?

Hi! Is it possible to save the generated PDF file into the database?
If YES then how to do this?
Thanks in advance

Hello, @sergeyauts!
Thank you very much for your patience :pray:

Sure it is possible. Please follow this instruction:

  1. place the plugin element on your page and set the “yes” value in its “File uploads enable” field
  2. use the “Generate pdf from HTML server-side ConvertertoPDFv2.0 A” action with enabled checkboxes (upload to AWS checkbox will let the plugin save your PDF file into the app’s File Manager)
  3. use one of these 2 plugin events
  4. use the “Create a new thing” action inside the above event to create a new record in your database with the converted PDF URL:


Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot!!!
Большое спасибо!

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