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Bubble Page to PDF converter isn't working for Letter-Size


I have two issues with this plugin. When using version 2.0 it doesn’t work with letter size. When set for letter I get the following error message:

If I try using the original version, it works, but the quality is horrible. I’m using this in another app and it works fine. Here’s an example of the quality:

What’s the solution here?


Hello, @gnelson. Thanks for reaching out.

Please let us investigate this issue. While you are waiting for the update on this matter, please try to use the Custom Format parameter - it should work well.

To make the resulting PDF page be the same width/height of your bubble page, please try the following (if you are using a new plugin element ConvertortoPDFv2.0 with the latest plugin update):

  1. in the ConverttoPDF action, choose the Format = Custom Format, Custom Format = your page/element width/height, indicate the ID of the page/element you want to convert to PDF - https://prnt.sc/ufm3n9
  2. my page has 2 groups (group “group” and group “html_group”) that I want to convert to PDF; I indicate Convert target = single element, ID = page (the ID of the page) and I indicate into the Pagebreakers ID field the IDs of the groups. Why - to let the plugin know what “pages” should my PDF file have - https://prnt.sc/ufm98b | https://prnt.sc/ufm9kq
  3. the converted PDF file looks pretty OK - https://prnt.sc/ufmaih

Thus, to make your PDF element look nice, use the Custom Format and indicate the exact width/height of the element you want to convert.


I hope this suggestion will be useful for you :pray:
Regards, Kate