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Bubble Page to PDF converter squishing text

Hi Levon,

This is the first time I have paid for a plug-in, so I’m excited to unwrap it.

I have read the docs and have looked hard at the demo’s, but can’t fix the problem I am having.

I have a “background” with nice colored hexagons, and a foreground with text. Unfortunately, when I convert to pdf, both are squished, as the following shows:

It looks ok in the preview …

Do you know how I should fix this?

Thank you in advance…


@david.simons, Hello.

Have you tried customizing the output format? Basically you could give the page or element a size 1:1 to print it, if the image as element or page is 1000x1000 resolution, it’ll output to this resolution w/o squashing.

Please try it out.


Hi Dumitru,

Thank you for your prompt reply. That fixed it. I thought I had tried that, but evidently not!

Thanks alot,


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