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Bubble page to PDF with RTL text


Hi guys,
I bought the plugin and it works very well except when converting elements in Arabic or Hebrew.
Spaces are missing randomly and punctuation marks misbehave also. Do you have any fix for Right to Left languages? I love this plugin, you guys did an amazing job with it but right now I can’t use it.



Hi Jonathan,
we’ll check this out and update here


Ok, thank you! :grinning::grinning:


Hello, thank you for your patience. We have investigated this issue and unfortunately it seems like the library that we used for this plugin does not support RTL languages.
Very sorry about this but we can’t find a solution at the moment


Hi Levon,
Thank you for trying. Is it possible to get a refund as I can’t use the plugin the way it is?


Hi Jonathan,
I would suggest to reach out to [email protected] as the payments go through them and refer to this thread