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Bubble Price Changes - moving away

Because of the insane pricing changes Bubble is trying to impose, I seriously need to consider a move away to a more sustainable option. Does anyone know what happens to my Native App published by Zeroqode if I decide to move away from Bubble and over to Flutterflow? Would Zeroqode still be able to keep my Native App running through Flutterflow?

Is anyone else in the same boat as me with a Native App published by Zeroqode and looking to move away from bubble?

I need help

Hi @jmcneill,
Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Your Native app is tied to your Bubble app via the URL (App Link), which you filled in when submitting Air Native app details.

If your App URL (Bubble application) is no longer hosted, your Native App will also not be able to open. However, you can update your Air Native app details on your Zeroqode Profile → Air Native page and request a rebuild. Once you submit the new details, we will upload new Android/iOS builds to your account, allowing you to publish the latest version of your native app.

Please be aware that our Terms of Service state that we offer free app rebuilds for changes to build settings, such as app name and app icons. You can make three free rebuilds within the first month of purchasing the license. If you have used all three rebuilds or the month has passed, rebuilds will become paid at a cost of $49 per rebuild.

Additionally, if you are using the Air Native plugin within your Bubble app, please note that its features only work within Bubble apps. If you decide to migrate to Flutterflow or another platform, you will need to find alternative solutions and workarounds.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or assistance.

Best regards, :pray: