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Bubble to Google Sheets


Hi Zeroqode team, i bought a google sheets service plugin, im making a booking system and i want to put my database into google sheets, i have already the setup into the plugin tab, but i dont know how to do this, i want to put, update, and delete rows into the google sheets when my database of bubble change.
here you have a screenshot of my google sheets and this is my link of my app.

i want to put a row when my Repeating Group is update (the users send the information from integromat)
and edit or delete when upload the database of bubble



Any instructions? thank you


Hello! Thanks for reaching out!
Could you tell me please, did you get the API credentials for Google Sheets at https://console.developers.google.com/ ? If you did, what type of authentication did you choose?
Kind regards,


In addition to what Olga wrote, did you check this demo page where you can see how to use the plugin?


Hello @yorgio1024

To add to my colleagues. I see some misunderstanding with plugin usage.
The Google Sheets Service Plugin is used for a different type of scenario. I see you are trying to use the spreadsheet from your drive which will you’ll need to use the OAuth2 Version of plugin.
Please see the plugin - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/google-sheets-with-charts-1528977845854x414570079953879000
And check the demo - https://zeroqode-demo-15.bubbleapps.io/google_sheets_with_charts