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Bubble's Map Extender KML function

Loving Map Extender. I am using the display kml function to display my users downloaded kml files from Google timeline to show where they have travelled each day. I want users to be able to look at either an individual days map or a whole trip map over many days. I have been able to get individual days to show by way of a repeating group. So far so good. As far as I can work out you can only download one days data from Google timeline. That is fine. I am able to also get the map to load several days timeline by repeating the action in the workflow. Works well to a point. This workflow puts 3 different days together on the Map which is heading in the right direction of what I want to achieve

The workflow does work and 3 or even 5 different days maps will load if I extend the actions to 5.

I am now struggling - A user will have an undetermined number of days in their trip. How do I get each and every kml’s URL to show in the map without doing 10/50/100 different actions in the workflow and then finding the users trip is more than 10/50/100 days. You do not seem to be able to achieve this action on a list which is what I appear to need. Each Trip does have a list of Routes which contains the kml file

Any suggestions welcome