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Bug - PDF First Page

Hey. Seems like a bug with only the first page of the PDF creator. My client has sent me this photo of the pdf that consistently happens only on the first page of a multipage schedule. Please advise. Thanks.

Hello, we haven’t seen this kind of behavior before, so in order to investigate we’ll need more details, like link to your app and steps to reproduce the error. as well as screenshots of your plugin settings and any relevant workflows.

I can add you to the app if you give the email address you want me to add so you can take a look.

It only seems to happen for one user in Luxembourg so far that i know of. It doesn’t happen on my end but it consistently happens to them. I don’t know if it happens to others, this user just always helps me by reporting issues. Others don’t normally report things.

I will send you a DM with steps to try to reproduce the error. Again, i don’t see it on my end. :confused:

Problem fixed! It was from a pop up that seemed to have been interfereing with the creation of the PDF that made it blurry on certain pages. Just need to find another option to allow them to create the PDF.

oh glad to know :slight_smile: we were investigating it but you were faster :slight_smile: