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Bug plugon "youtube full control play and api"

the plugin “youtube full control play and api” is in the following problem. When jumping to the next video or runtime (current time) it is not zeroing. Can they solve it?
it’s also giving an error when I use the pause and mute methods. follows the error print.


Hi @elvis.scorpioni, thanks for your message.
Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue/plugin error on our side.
Allow me to recommend checking/comparing your plugin setup, using for reference our plugin’s:

Hope it helps.

If the issue will persist after the setup check, I would be grateful if you can provide more details about it, namely - screenshots/screencast of your setup (settings & workflows) and browser console log.

Please let me know if my help is required.

I checked everything, the settings are the same. I will share my project. the api is working. I’ve already released access on google’s credentials. and I’ve already managed to get information such as subscriber list. The only problem is the “play” buttons not working, “stop and mute” errors appear.

also has the error in playtime that is not zeroing. click “pular” to see playtime error.

Hi @elvis.scorpioni, thanks for the provided access and detailed information.
Allow us to analyze it for a possible issue and solution. Once any news will be available, I will let you know for sure.

Thank you for understanding.

I will be waiting.

Trank you.

have you already saved my project’s editor link? can I delete the link? thanks.

if you need access call me in private …