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Build an Offline app

Hello, I would like to build an app that can work online and offline.

Thank you

Hello @abdoul.mazid09. Thanks for reaching!

There are different approaches to make an app “offline-ready”. Saving a file locally in a .json or .txt file is already offline-ready.

The traditional and famous way of doing it is through SQLite . SQLite have its SDK ready for Native iOS, Android, .NET and even Hybrid Technologies like Xamarin, React Native and Cordova.

We provide a hybrid solution through out native (https://zeroqode.com/native) app converter. So you know, the wevbiew cannot work and feel 100% like native, but they can be made very close. And it will really depend on you because our solution simply wraps the responsive version of your website. If it’s not responsive you need to make it such, use a SQLite SDK for using it for offline use, adding native toolbars for ios/android etc.
There different technologies out there, that would help you achieve you the desired result, however it needs to be studied and you’ll need clear requirements to get the right tech for your software.
You could leverage on Bubble’s backend and add a different frontend solution, like React-Native, Flutter etc.
Hope this helps you , to decide. :wink:


Hi @Dumitru thank you for your response. By the way I am very interested on the native app, and so far as I have 4 apps running on bubble can I deploy all of them as mobile app if I do one purchasing ?

Thank you again

Hi @abdoul.mazid09

Thanks for interest and questions.
Yes it is possible to use our Native Solution (https://zeroqode.com/native) in order to create a mobile app either for Android, iOS or both. See the package options.
However the Native package is provided as Single License product meaning you can’t use the item to create more than one unique End Product, check more details regarding license - https://zeroqode.com/webviewlicense
Thanks for understanding.


Hello @Dumitru,

I just became aware of your Native solution a few minutes ago. I noticed you have as an option “offline download manager.” Will you provide more details regarding this feature?

Does that mean that using this will allow an app created on Bubble to work when offline, then sync when connection is re-established?

If the answer to that is yes, then what about also using one of your plugins like the Image Annotation?


Hello @gnelson! “Offline download manager” is about the ability to download files to device’s storage with 100% online or offline access to those files. This feature doesn’t provide you usage of the app when offline

OK. Thanks. I’m trying to visualize the value of this, but I can’t.

It allows you to provide a separate download manager in your specific app, which can provide a better experience to the end-users. If your app is about working with a lot of files (downloading, uploading) - it can be very useful.