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Bulk Avatar Generation

Hi guys,

I’m a little suck and hoping to draw on someone’s experience (and previous pain!) :slight_smile:

I’m looking to bulk generate create and save avatars based on user input on a period basis (hourly, daily or weekly). However, there isn’t anyway to call the avatar plugin from a backend workflow (as needs to be on a form).

Therefore I have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to generate the avatar’s using back-end workflows?
  2. If not, any suggested approaches to iterate through the list and generate the avatars?



Hello @andrew.davidson, thank you for reachin out!

Unfortunately, plugin’s action cannot be used in the backend workflows. As a workaround, you can create a scheduled workflow in the backend and make it change a field from the database. For example, you can add a field “x”. And when backend workflow will change “x” field to yes then is triggered a standard workflow with actions for the creation and saving of the avatars.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,