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Burger menu not showing


My burger menu is not showing on mobile and I have no idea why not. I’ve not changed anything intentionally that I’m aware of.

I’ve checked and ensured all of the Appearance settings and Conditions match the original template. I’ve brought the burger menu to the front. Still no luck.

Are there any common reasons why a burger menu will not show? It shows on the template https://djoriginal.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

But it is not showing on mine although it was a day or two ago: https://findadj.online/

It’s driving me crazy as I’ve not changed anything, it was working, and all the settings look like they match the template.


Hi @paul.townley-jones,

Thanks for reporting. I cannot tell exactly why, but perhaps it is Bubble’s updates that can cause this trouble. However, you can simply copy the template Header into your existing application, then give it a try again. Also, please make sure that your Responsive is set up the same way as per our template. As well as checking if burger icon in your app is visible on page load.

In case it is working in our template, you simply need to replicate it or just make sure everything is set up as per original app.


Thanks Alex

I found the culprit. The min width of the navbar had been changed somehow. I had been checking all the elements within the navbar, but did not know you could edit the actual navbar itself. I have no idea how it changed, but gladly fixed now!


Hi @paul.townley-jones,

Thanks for feedback. I’m glad things run smoothly on your side as well.


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