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Calendar from Google just showing data till 2022


I’ve tried the plugin Calendar from Google on the official demo page and in my app, and in both places, I just saw data till December of 2022 and nothing in 2023. I’ve searched in all the calendars in my account but found no events in 2023 (and there are a lot).

Can you please help me? Ty

The problem is that I was requesting too much data, and when I set up a minimum date, the events from 2023 began to show.

Very useful, the parameters list for the plugin is here: Events: list  |  Google Calendar  |  Google for Developers
(this should be on the plugin’s documentation but it is not yet)

Hi @charleslcts,
Thanks a lot for your message, I’m glad you were able to integrate the Calendar from Google plugin into your Bubble app.

I will add your suggestion about the list of parameters for the supporting documentation. :pray:

In case you will have other plugin-related questions, please let us know.
Have a great weekend ahead. :slight_smile: