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Calendar from Google + Offline - Bug in the Demo

I am playing with the Zeroqode plugin “Calendar from Google + Offline” on the zeroqode demo site (found here),

but I am getting an error:


  1. From the Calendar Demo page
  2. Connect to Google Calendar
  3. Create an event on a calendar <=== WORKS FINE
  4. Click on the tab link for “Events”
  5. Using the default input parameters, click “Search”
  6. I receive a 400 error (shown here).

The main reason I’m using the plugin is to retrieve events from my users, and I need the DEMO app to give me the proper ways to use the paid plugin.

If it works as well as the free plugin plus the feature promises that the user won’t have to keep authorizing, that’s a pretty valuable feature to me.

Thanks, Paul

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Hello @pwharker, :wave:

Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply. :pray:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will consult with our development team about the 400 error you’re experiencing when trying to retrieve events. We’ll review the demo app’s configuration to ensure it’s set up correctly and reflects the proper usage of the paid plugin.

Thank you for your patience and for considering our plugin for your project.

Best regards,

Hello Paul, @pwharker :wave:

I’m happy to inform you that we have fixed the demo application:, and you should now be able to see the list of events when searching for them within the demo:

Please give it another try and let me know if everything is working as expected or if you encounter any further issues. We’re here to ensure you have a smooth experience with our plugins.

Looking forward to your reply. :pray:

Best regards,

Hello @pwharker, :wave:

Just a quick reminder to check out the updated demo application for the Google Calendar plugin. Please take a moment to test it and see if you can now successfully search for and view events.

Let us know how it goes or if there’s anything else we can help with!

Best regards,

Hi @Daniel.P
Yes, I can see some events.
However, I have 2 issues, 1 important and 1 not so important

  1. Important - The Create Event works nicely. BUT, there is no sample for Edit Event. If you can please add that, it is important, because when I test the feature, I get an error (reported under forum post here.
  2. The Zeroqode demo page for seeing events does work, but the “Search” feature does nothing but blank out the entries in the grid. It seems weird that the search results appear on the first tab as well. It seems if you have a tab for retrieving events, that the events would only appear if that tab were selected.

Here’s a synopsis on a screenshot: Because of all he weird empty space, I had to use a reduced screen resolution to get it all on the same screen.

Hello @pwharker, :wave:

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I’ve replied to your thread regarding the edit event issue.

Regarding the search feature issue you described, it sounds like the search results might come up blank because no events are found within the specified date range. This could explain why the entries disappear when you use the search function. I recommend verifying the date range and search parameters you’re using to ensure they match the events you’re expecting to see. Here are some screenshots:

Best regards,

Hi Daniel,
But it’s not working when I try it:

Hi @pwharker, :wave:

It is not functioning because you have introduced Before that date 11-04 and After that date 16-04. Please switch these dates and you would be able to search for the events in the desired interval (I assume you wanted it to be after 11-04 and before 16-04?).

Here is a short Loom I recorded for you demonstrating the search for event functionality: Search for events demo | Loom

I hope this helps!

Best regards,