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Calendar from Google + Offline - Can't make it work


I’ve bought the Calendar from Google + Offline plugin, and after being able to authenticate with Google using meta tags and also able to get the user to accept / allow the app to manage its google calendar, I can’t make it show calendar events etc.

I checked the online version / editor, but could see that there are lots of custom states, token management and I can’t figure where the calendar is actually coming from.

After the user authenticates, the calendar still doesn’t show any event, probably because my data source is empty. So I think my questions are,

  1. how can I actually get the calendar (data source)?

  1. Do I need to manage tokents and stuff like that after the user authenticates with his google account? I mean creating a “token” field in the User data etc. If so, is there a tutorial on this?


Hi @claretimus,

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, it is required to use the tokens and create fields in your database, so your platform users will not have to go through the auth process each time but only once, so it’s relatively simple. Please follow our doc instructions here - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-calendar-+-offline-plugin as we have guidance on how to set it up with screenshots as well. :pray:

And yes, you need to have some events created in your Google Calendar account if you are trying to pull your data and display it. Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial per se, but we do have Live Demo that you can simply replicate with exact setups on your side, then give it a try!

Demo editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=google-calendar&id=zeroqode-demo-11&tab=tabs-1

Hope it helps.