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Calendar Time Slots multiple calendars

I am using Calendar Time Slots plugin for booking and I have a question. There are some services which are provided by more than one person, so there are two schedules for these services. I am using 2 pattern generator (one for each schedule) and using the function “intersect with” so that the final client can see the free time slots, whether from one schedule or another. But my question is, in the “booked slots”, how can I do so that it still appear this time slot when one of these schedules have this slot free, and when both shcedules have this slot occupied, not to show that?

I will make an example to explain better. There is a service with two schedules, and both schedules have the same time slots. One client book the service for the time slot of 9am-10am. How can I configure the “booked slots” so that the next user can see this time slot available? And if this user also book this time slot, how can I configure the “booked slots” so that the next user don´t see this time slot as available?

The plugin is configured so it deletes all bookings which have common characteristics, but in this case, it can only be deleted when there are two bookings with these characteristics. And in case that the time slot only appear in one schedule, it should be removed when there is just one booking. How can I configure that?

I don´t know if I explained it well, please let me know for further details. Thank you in advance

Hi @javiercrespoweb, thanks for your message.

For a better understanding of your case, besides provided textual description, please share a screencast (we suggest using the Loom tool) with an overview of the use case setup&workflows and settings that you already achieved.

Looking forward to your reply.