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Camera capture in text editor

Right now I have to solve a task for my project: text editor with inserting videos, but not yt or vimeo but camera capture.
Easiest is to have capture uploaded to AWS to make possible having a list of available clips to insert in text. Better way is to capture and automaticaly insert in a place of cursor.
Make a suggestion of plugins you would use and limitations of that solution.

Thanks for your response,

Hi, @markovicv1!

So, I’m afraid I cannot provide an exact solution to this matter because it needs to be tested and explored. But anyway, please have a look at our AWS Uploader plugin that can be used to implement your idea. AWS File uploader plugin is a powerful tool, that allows you or your users to upload files from Bubble apps directly to your AWS (Amazon Web Services) without any file size limits. Please make sure you have visited the Live Demo to try it out: https://zeroqode-demo-02.bubbleapps.io/aws-uploader.

Also please take a look at ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0. This plugin supports lightweight (display) mode, mentions, hashtags, pasting images from the clipboard, saving content in browser storage and many other useful features and settings that make this plugin a really powerful Rich Text Editor. Here is a Live Demo in order to see how it works: https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/rte.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Dear Julia,

I have seen the demo recently and that is the reason I am writing to you. Capturing and uploading to AWS is not a problem at all and I have tested similar things before. The key is to make a way to insert video from AWS in text in the Text editor. That I assume you can tell me without testing.

Kind Regards,

Hey, @markovicv1!

Okay, so it is possible to insert a link to a video in the test editor, but unfortunately not to a video uploaded to AWS. It means you may insert the link to a video from AWS directly in this field which is already uploaded to AWS. But not as if you clicked a button and were able to create a video that you could then upload to AWS and paste in a text editor. Apologies for the inconvenience. :pray: Here is the screenshot where is shown how to embed the video in the test editor.

Best, Julia.

Ok. Let’s say I have a floating icon of a camera somewhere and user clicks it, opens a camera capture and stores it to AWS. That part I can do but can I do the next few things:

  • Make a workflow to use Enter video and use a path to video that user just recorded (meaning Do I have an access to Enter video command from the workflow?)
  • Is it going to show as a textual link or thumbnail like a youtube video?
  • Do I have any option to save all the content on AWS instead on bubble db?


Hi, @markovicv1!

I’m afraid the plugin doesn’t have a specific action or event to implement this. Here are all its actions and events:


So, it will look like this. You can also check and test it on Live Demo page: https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/rte.

Could you please clarify a bit here, what exactly do you mean to help you better? If you mean all the uploaded files- then yes, you are able to keep them on AWS Uploader.

Best, Julia.

When I say save all the content on AWS I mean text and photo and video on AWS S3 I configured and payed out of Bubble. Like external storage. Everything is pretty much OK except call for function for inserting video. I will see if some guys have something smart to do with it. You’ve been very helpfull.


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Hi, @markovicv1!

I see I’m afraid our plugin just upload the files on AWS through the plugin element. Please take a look at another our plugin Data sync for Firebase which might be helpful in your case. Through this plugin, you are able to make your data instantly available, synced with your Firebase project & updating in real-time.

Anyway, I really glad to hear that I was helpful :relaxed:

Best, Julia.